26 Feb
26 February 2013
Jordi Pineda
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Ecommerces have an innate desire to increase the conversion rate, which determines the amount of sales.

There are infinite ways to increase conversion rate, the most common ones are improving usability, design, minimize the process of buying and/or payment, increase gamma and  products description… All these forms are, in my opinion, the traditional ones. Nowadays consumers has diferent expectations, they want to be surprised. Definitely they want to enjoy a differentiated and powerful shopping experience.

There is a way to encourage customers to participate or what is the same to encourage him to buy. It’s called The Fun Theory, a phenomenon that uses game techniques to influence and motivate people. It is not a new phenomenon, it has been used in some sectors for years, but now gamification comes to the world 2.0 and experts in innovation believe it will have a prominent role. The purpose is to encourage users to participate, share and interact with in order to increase loyalty towards our website, blog or social network, implementing marketing strategies which aims to make the prospect want to play and interact with us for fun or emotion.

The Fun Theory may be used in any ecommerce, engaging, playing, sharing and interacting with a large number of people through a new shopping experience.

This theory basically preaches that people can change habits of behavior – for the better – thanks to stimuli from dynamic game or, in other words, if the company promise them that will have fun doing it. It will be much clearer if I show two examples of this tactic, which cleverly took Volkswagen in a campaign on the theme:


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